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David Wiseman

There is an incredible archive here of all the early usenet posts from February 1981 until June of 1991.


230-Yes, you have found the on-line copy of Henry Spencer's UTZOO NetNews
230-It is not in a very reasonable format but it is all here. There were
230-141 magtapes in the collection and, so far, we have them organized to
230-reflect these tapes. You will find two types of files in this
230- newsNNNfM.tgz the archives, tar'd and compressed
230-and newsNNNfM.toc the tables of contents (tar listings)
230-where NNN is the tape number (from 001 to 141)
230-and M is the save set number (from 1 to 3 but usually 1).
230-There is also a file called AllTOC.tgz which is a compressed tar archive
230-containing all of the .toc files.
230-Please note that news001f1.tgz contains A news. All of the other tapes
230-contain B news. The news in this archive was collected between February
230-of 1981 and June of 1991. (The Scavenged.tgz file contains A news articles
230-which were "found" off the end of some of the earlier tapes.)
230-Also below here is an 'info' directory which contains several useful
230-files with "overviews" of some of the archive information. Hopefully
230-the filenames will explain what they are. (I know, probably not.)
230-The 'pc' directory contains Windows code which can unpack .tgz files. I
230-have also been told that the latest versions of WinZip can also read them.
230--- magi

I haven't done anything with them yet, but this is an incredible archive!