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The CIBCI is the VAXBI to CI Interface, 1st Generation Adapter for the VAXBI VAX Computers.

It connects to one CI node directly, or to multiple CI nodes using the SC008 Star Coupler.

It consists of:

  • The BI-CI Adapter Control (BAC) Card T1017, that is placed into the VAX VAXBI Backplane
  • The BI-CI Adapter Data (BAD) Card T1018, that is placed into the VAX VAXBI Backplane
  • The CIPA (CI Port Adapter) Unit, made of:
    • H9542 - 40" Medium System Cabinet Kit, containing:
      • 70-20407 - CIPA Power Supply
      • xx-xxxxx - CIPA Mounting Box (Order number still unknown), containing:
        • 54-15555 - CIPA Backplane, containing:
          • L0100 - ILI (I Link Interface Module), or
          • L0118 - ILI (I Link Interface Module) for up to 32 Nodes
          • L0101 - IPB (I Packet Buffer Module)
          • L0400 - CDP (Data Path Module)

The CIBCI uses the same CIPA (CI Port Adapter) as the CI750 VAX-11/750 CI Interface

The CIBCI was superseded by the CIBCA-A - VAXBI CI Interface, 2nd generation.


All three 1st Generation CI Adapters:

share the same Microcode: CI780.BIN


  • The T1017 and T1018 cards are connected using the 17-01029-01 and 17-01029-02 BCI cables.
  • The CI Port Adapter (CIPA) bus cable assembly, part number 17-01027-01, connects the VAXBI backplane to the CIPA backplane.


The three CIBCI FCOs:

describe problems with and solutions for the CIBCI.

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