DMP11 Synchronous Controller

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The DMP11 Synchronous Controller is a microprocessor-based intelligent multi-point synchronous serial line interface for the UNIBUS. It uses DMA to transfer data to and from main memory. The DMP11 can operate in either half-duplex or full-duplex, at baud rates up to 1M bits/second (half-duplex) or 512K bits/second (full-duplex); when operating as a control station, it can control up to 32 tributary stations.

It consists of two hex boards:

Both plug into SPC slots, preferably adjacent; the two boards communicate over a BC08S flat cable. The device driver communicates with the DMP11 via four control and status registers.

It supports DDCMP (version 4.0), including support for CRCs.

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  • DMP11 Field Maintenance Print Set (MP-00795 - not online)

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