DMR11 Synchronous Controller

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The DMR11 Synchronous Controller is a microprocessor-based intelligent single-line synchronous serial line interface for the UNIBUS. It uses DMA to transfer data to and from main memory. The DMR11 can operate in either half-duplex or full-duplex, at baud rates up to 1M bits/second.

It consists of two hex boards:

  • a microprocessor module (M8207-RA)
  • a line module (M8203), which can be configured to one of 4 choices via jumpers and DIP switches, one of:

Both plug into SPC slots, preferably adjacent; the two boards communicate over a BC08S flat cable. The device driver communicates with the DMR11 via four control and status registers.

It supports DDCMP (version 4.0), including support for CRCs. It is program compatible with DMC11.

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