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IBM, short for International Business Machines is a company which has played a decisive role in the history of computing.

Some notable contributions by IBM to the world of computing:

System/360 Mainframe system

System/370 Mainframe system

SNA The networking protocol of the IBM Mainframes

IBM PC The IBM personal Computer

MCA Micro Channel Architecture

RS/6000 Line of Unix minicomputers

AS/400 Line of minicomputers

OS/2 IBM & Microsoft's failed sucessor to MS-DOS

SQL The SQL language popularized by IBM databases.


The old IBM had a song book, of various anthems for products and crushing their competition which at the time would have been NCR.

IBM also made famous DASD and other acronyms.

Perhaps the most famous of all IBM'ism is the "This page is intentionally left blank" pages scattered throughout their manuals.

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