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The KLESI Low-End Storage Interconnect controllers are a series of device controllers which use MSCP and TMSCP protocols, running over a Low End System Interconnect physical interconnect, to interface with disks and magnetic tape drives.

They include the KLESI-UA (M8739) for the UNIBUS, the KLESI-QA (M7740) for the QBUS and the KLESI-B (T1014) for the VAXBI bus. The -UA is a quad card which plugs into an SPC slot. The -QA is a dual (although the -S variant is packaged in a quad form, with an S-box handle, for the BA200 series enclosures). The KLESI-B is contained on a standard BI module.

One main use was with the TU81E/TU81-Plus variant of the TU81 Streaming Tape Unit‎; it was also used with the RC25 disk drive.

Further reading

  • KLESI-B Module User and Installation Guide (EK-LESIB-UG)
  • KLESI-B Adapter Technical Manual (EK-LESIB-TM)

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