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Sylized Atari Logo

A computer manufacturer specialising in consumer computers, Arcade machines, and of course home video game systems. After the failed Juaguar Atari's coinop division (Arcade machines) split from Atari proper, and have remained in business.

8bit era

Atari's entry into the home computer was dominated by designs by Jay Miner. It is to be said the Amiga 1000 follows in the Atari 400 tradition of really powerfull custom IC's, such as the RIOT chip.

Atari 400 Atari 800 Atari 800XL Atari 1200XL Atari 130XE Atari 520ST Atari 600XL Atari 65XE

16bit era

After losing the loraine to arch rival Commodore Atari quickly put togethter the Atari ST. The operating system was provided by Digital Research, GEMDOS.

Atari 520ST Atari 1040ST Atari ST1 Atari Mega 1 Atari Mega 2 Atari Mega 4 Atari STe

32bit era

Atari TT Atari Falcon


There are a few emulators for various models of the Atari ST's.

  • STonX The original emulator for X-11, it ran on a varity of UNIX platforms.
  • Aranym Atari runs on Any Machine. This is by far, the most complete emulator.