RP04 disk drive

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Drive Controller(s): RH11 (UNIBUS)
Capacity: 88 Mbytes
Transfer Rate: 2.5 usec/word
Revolutions Per Minute: 3600
1/2 Revolution Time: 8.3 msec
One Track Seek Time: 7 msec
Average Seek Time: 28 msec
Maximum Seek Time: 50 msec
Total Surfaces: 19
Words Per Sector: 256
Density: 4040 bpi (maximum)
Recording Method: Modified Frequence Modulation
Physical Size: 31" W x 40" H x 32" L
Weight: 600 pounds
Power Consumption: 660 VA per phase (running); 3300 VA per phase(starting, 10 seconds max)

The RP04 was the successor to the RP02 and RP03 multi-platter large disk drives. It used a pack compatible with the IBM 3336 pack, used on the IBM 3330 drive.

It was the first large drive to use the MASSBUS bus; thus, it did not have a specific device controller, but used the appropriate MASSBUS controller. A maximum of 8 drives were supported per controller.