386 BSD 0.1

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386 BSD 0.1 stock

This is the 386 BSD 0.1 announcement:

386BSD 0.1 announcement.

How do I get this to run?

For those who want to install it themselves, there is an evolving guide to be found here: Installing 386BSD on BOCHS.

386 BSD is difficult to install on real hardware, and emulated hardware is difficult as well. As of now the only known emulator that can install 386 BSD is Bochs 2.4. I'm currently having some issues with its disktab structure as it keeps placing the swap partition starting at 0 and overwriting itself. The error message I keep on getting is:

/386bsd: wd0a: overlaps open partition (b)

I've found out that upon getting that error, just keep on rebooting and eventually it'll magically go away. It seems to be tied to the VM crashing.


The majority of the games are hiding in /usr/othersrc/public ...

What runs

Honestly I haven't used 386 BSD 0.1 to do anything, except load the patchkits.