386 BSD 0.1 pl24

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What Runs?

I haven't spent much time now that I've been able to apply the two patchkits in the ftp archive... I'm keeping some binary tars here of what I've managed to build:


arithmetic@     cfscores@       hangman@        ppt@            teachgammon@
atc@            chess@          hide/           primes*         trek@
backgammon@     cribbage@       larn@           rain*           wargames*
banner*         dm*             mille@          robots@         worm@
battlestar@     factor*         monop@          rogue@          worms*
bcd@            fish@           morse@          sail@           wump@
caesar*         fortune*        number*         snake@          
canfield@       hack@           pom*            snscore@