Atari 800

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Atari 800
An atari 800
Manufacturer: Atari
Year Introduced: November 1979
Form Factor: Microcomputer
Clock Speed: 1 MHz
Memory Size: 8 KB - 48KB
CPU: MOS 6502C
Operating System: In-ROM Atari BASIC

The Atari 800 was the big brother of the Atari 400. Made by Atari, the 800 was noted for having a real keyboard, and a dual ROM cartridge slots. Although not as sucessfull as the 400, most programs never took advantage of the second slot of the 400. The Atari 400 & 800 both initially shipped with 8KB of RAM, however, as RAM prices dropped Atari started to ship machines with more memory. It's worth noting that unlike Commodore's Vic20, the Atari 400 could have its RAM upgraded.

Similar to the Amiga, the Atari 400 had 3 coprocessors, the ANTIC, CTIA/GTIA, and POKEY. And just like the Amiga they were designed by Jay Miner.


The Atari800 emulator is portable and somewhat popular.