Atari 800

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Atari 800
An atari 800
Manufacturer: Atari
Year Introduced: November 1979
Form Factor: Microcomputer
Clock Speed: 1 MHz
Memory Size: 8 KB - 48KB
CPU: MOS 6502C
Operating System: In-ROM Atari BASIC

The Atari 800 was the big brother of the Atari 400. Made by Atari, the 800 was noted for having a real keyboard, and a dual ROM cartridge slots. Although not as sucessfull as the 400, most programs never took advantage of the second slot of the 400.

The Atari 400 & 800 both initially shipped with 8KB of RAM, however, as RAM prices dropped Atari started to ship machines with more main memory. It's worth noting that unlike Commodore's VIC-20, the Atari 400 could have its RAM upgraded.

Similar to the Amiga, the Atari 400 had 3 co-processors, the ANTIC, CTIA/GTIA, and POKEY. And just like the Amiga they were designed by Jay Miner.


The Atari800 emulator is portable and somewhat popular.

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