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DECstation 3100 "PMAX"
DECstation 500/200 with cover removed
Manufacturer: DEC
Year Introduced: 11 January 1989
Clock Speed: 16.67 MHz
Memory Size: 4 to 24 MB

The DECstation was a brand of computers used by DEC, and refers to three distinct lines of computer systems—the first released in 1978 as a word processing system, and the latter (more widely known) two both released in 1989. These comprised a range of computer workstations based on the MIPS architecture and a range of PC compatibles. The MIPS-based workstations ran Ultrix, a DEC-proprietary version of UNIX.

DECstation 3100 and DECstation 2100

The 3100 was known as PMAX and the 2100 as PMIN.


They can be emulated well by GXemul.

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