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DOS/BATCH is a single-user job-based operating system introduced in 1970 with the PDP-11/20.

A base DOS/BATCH system consists of the following programs:

  • DOS/BATCH Monitor
  • Assembler (MACRO-11)
  • FORTRAN IV Compiler
  • File Utility Package (PIP)
  • Linker (LINK)
  • Librarian (LIBR)
  • File Compare Program (FILCOM)
  • Verification Program (VERIFY)
  • Disk Initialization Program (DSKINT)
  • File Dump Program (FILDMP)
  • Editor (EDIT-11)

In addition, with the introduction of the RSTS-11 extensions, DOS/BATCH can be used as a resource and time shared computer. This combination of DOS/BATCH and RSTS-11 formed the basis for the RSTS/E system.