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From: (Jordan K. Hubbard)
Newsgroups: comp.os.386bsd.announce
Subject: FreeBSD 1.0 EPSILON available for ftp from
Followup-To: poster
Date: 3 Oct 1993 21:37:27 -0700
Organization: Lotus Development Ireland
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Message-ID: <>

The much awaited second public release of FreeBSD 1.0, hereafter
titled FreeBSD 1.0 EPSILON (don't ask where DELTA went), is now
available for ftp on

Those internet connected sites who wish to take this opportunity to
stay more up-to-date may also `sup' it from (more
information on sup is also available in

Those sites already running GAMMA will also find a set of patches for
upgrading their systems to EPSILON.

Highlights of this release:

New install floppies that should take a lot more of the headache out
of installing FreeBSD from scratch.  If you tried to install FreeBSD
before, and were unsuccessful, please try again with these!

Substantial changes to the SCSI system from Julian Elischer.

A new combined all-in-one ethernet driver from David Greenman.

A new and improved 386BSD->FreeBSD upgrade script from Nate Williams.

gcc now uses GNU malloc by default, thus using memory much more
efficiently on machines with little to spare.

SYSV shared memory now supported.

SUN RPC now more fully supported.

drand48 and friends in libc.

Syscons support improved, including advance changes for the upcoming
XFree86 2.0.  Significant support for our Russian users also added.

Many many dozens of bugs fixed, from the small and annoying to the
large and treacherous - literally too many to mention!

If you're curious as to whether some particular section of the code
has changed, feel free to send us mail and we'll send you the commit

We'd also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who's taken
the time and effort to send us some rather exhaustive and highly
valuable bug reports from GAMMA; we couldn't have done it without you
guys, and PLEASE continue sending those reports in for the upcoming
"final" release!  Thank you!

Special mention to Julian Elischer for his new SCSI code, David
Greenman for his substantial work on the combined ethernet driver and
Chris Demetriou for bailing us out at the last minute on a rather
sticky memory allocation bug.

We remain,

				The FreeBSD Team
(Jordan K. Hubbard),,

I do not speak for Lotus, nor am I even a Lotus employee.  I am an independent

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