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A redirect is simply a way to make an article effectively appear at a number of different names, both to help people find it, and also - especially - to prevent the creation of duplicate articles.

To create a redirect, simply create an article (titled, say, Source) with the contents being just #Redirect[[Target]]. That's all there is to it! Any reference to 'Source' (e.g. [[Source]]) will automagically wind up at 'Target'.

We'd rather have too many redirects than too few, because the effort to create them is small, whereas the time wasted on a duplicate article can be large. So, add variant names, variant capitalization, variant hyphenation and spaces - in fact, every variant, and combination thereof, which you can think of!

We have created lots of redirects; as of April, 2024, there are about 2,900 redirects, and only about 2,550 articles. The good news is that most things you try and link to, you will hit either an article, or a redirect to it, and you won't have to go searching for the article.

If you do type a link, and it doesn't wind up at an article, please set up a redirect, so the next person won't have to go searching!

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