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This is all obsolete (and the URL given doesn't work anymore anyway); just use direct links, in an ==External links== section at the bottom of the page.

Bitsavers is a popular and widely used resource. However, it has become something of a victim of its own success. The site is noticably very slow. Therefore, I've written something of a load balancer. So if you're going to link to bitsavers please use the redirect.php script.

(I'll put some more meat on this article soon, so for now I'm just pasting in the documentation from the script verbatim)

Usage: redirect.php?doc=(filename)&res=(resource)
The parameters (Passed via HTTP GET) are:
 Specifies the resource (currently, only "bitsavers" is valid)
 Specifies the file to be fetched, without the first slash.
 For example, in the case of $res=="bitsavers" and $doc=="dec/pdp11/1145/EK-KB11A-MM-004_Aug76.pdf",
 the script will redirect via the HTTP header "location" to
(Therefore, link to to document