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Article naming system

When I said/say "Follow naming system', I was referring to not using names of the form "DEC xxx". Although some pages are called "{organization} {thing}" (e.g. Interlan NI1010A/NI2010A Ethernet interface (which is actually slightly incorrect; Interlan called it the 'Ethernet Communications Controller'; I will have to fix that), in general I don't use 'DEC' to start page names unless either i) the rest is a common term that might be used by someone else (e.g. DEC Alpha), or ii) it is a natural part of the name (e.g. DEC standard power wire colour coding). (Yes, I know that making DEC pages special is itself inconsistent! But the page names would all be longer, if not: 'DEC PDP-10' instead of PDP-10.)

But in general I try and follow the rule 'use what the original contemporary documentation used' - mostly because that is easy to find out, and then one does not have to think about choosing something! There are some places which fail to do that (e.g. KL10 - although now that I look, that might be correct): KA11 CPU should be 'KA11 Processor' (because I started calling all the PDP-11 CPU pages 'xx11 CPU' - although DEC has a lack of consistency in their naming for them; e.g. they call the KD11-E CPU just "KD11-E"). But I am slowly fixing many of them. Jnc (talk) 13:07, 22 June 2022 (CEST)