Intel 80186

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The Intel 80186 (aka i80186 or i186) microprocessor was introduced in 1982. It was based on the Intel 8086 CPU. It also exists in an 80188 variant (with 8-bit data bus, like the Intel 8088).

The 8018x can be described as more of a microcontroller than just a CPU, as it included various embedded features, like clocks, & bus controllers. However this made the CPU incompatible with the 8086/8088 CPU setup found in IBM PCs.

This CPU was largely overlooked as the Intel 80286 CPU was more compatible than the 80186 for the construction of PCs. It was more popular for embedded systems due to its on-board hardware. However, the Tandy 2000 PC from 1983 used the 80186 CPU.

The next CPU in the x86 lineage is the Intel 80286