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The KA730 is the CPU of the VAX-11/730. It uses semi-custom PAL chips extensively, to fit it onto three hex boards:

  • Data Path (DAP - M8390)
  • Memory Controller (MCT - M8391)
  • Writeable Control Store (WCS - M8394)

The DAP makes extensive use of AMD 2901A 4-bit bit-slice processor chips. An optional floating point accelerator, the FP730 Floating-Point Accelerator (M8389), is available.

The three main boards are interconnected by the memory control (MC) bus (a 32 bit data path in this is used for both addresses and data). A data-handling bus called the Port Bus (again with a 32 bit data path, for data only) runs from the DAP module to the FPA and the RB730 Integrated Disk Controller. Another bus, the 8-bit wide IB bus, also runs from the DAP to the FPA. The internal memory bus runs from the MCT to the memory array modules.

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