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The KA780 CPU was the CPU for the VAX-11/780.

It was implemented with a large group of hex cards:

Slot Board Acronym Function
29 M8236 CIB Console Interface Board
23 M8235 USC Microsequencer
22 M8234 PCS PROM Control Store
20 M8233 or M8238 WCS Writeable Control Store
18 M8233 or M8238 OCS Optional Control Store
16 M8232 CLK Processor Clock
15 M8231 ICL Interrupt Control
14 M8230 CEH Condition Codes/Exceptions
13 M8229 DAP Data Path
12 M8228 DCP Data Path
11 M8227 DDP Data Path
10 M8226 DEP Data Path
9 M8225 DBP Data Path
8 M8224 IRC Instruction Decode
7 M8223 IDP Instruction Buffer
6 M8222 TBM Translation Buffer
5 M8221 COM Cache Data
4 M8220 CAM Cache Address
3 M8219 SBH SBI High Bits Interface
2 M8218 SBL SBI Low Bits Interface
1 M8237 TRS SBI Terminator and Silo

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