KE11-B Extended Arithmetic Element

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The KE11-B Extended Arithmetic Element is a program compatible re-implementation (on a single hex board - the M7840) of the KE11-A Extended Arithmetic Element, an Extended Arithmetic Element built as an autonomous UNIBUS peripheral, which can perform a variety of arithmetic or logical operations:

  • multiplication
  • division
  • multi-bit shifts

(The last is used for carrying out floating point computations in software.)

The original KE11-A was produced for use with the PDP-11/20, whose KA11 CPU did not have multply, divide, or multi-bit shift operations. As a UNIBUS peripheral, not integrated into the CPU, it was also usable with other models, e.g. the PDP-11/05 and PDP-11/04, which likewise did not implement multiplication in hardware, etc. The KE11-B can likewise be used with these later models.

Further reading

  • KE11-B User Manual (EK-KE11B-OP) - not online
  • KE11-B Maintenance Manual (EK-KE11B-MM) - not online, available in fiche

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