KWV11-C programmable real-time clock

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KWV11-C programmable real-time clock

The KWV11-C programmable real-time clock is a QBUS clock module, very similar in functionality to the KW11-P Programmable Real-Time Clock. It can either provide interval counting, or produce either single or repeated interrupts at a programmed rate (at a multiple of the base rate). Several different clock rates, five of them internal, are available:

  • 1 MHz
  • 100 KHz
  • 10 KHz
  • 1 KHz
  • 100 Hz
  • line rate from the AC power provided to the power supply
  • external

The programming interface is fairly simple; there are two registers:

  • control/status
  • buffer/preset

The counter register can be set to count up, governed by the selected rate; an interrupt can be triggered when it reaches 0 on overflow. It can then optionally be automatically reloaded from the preset register.

Physically, the KW11-P is an dual-height board (M4002).

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