LSI-11 Bus interface chips

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The LSI-11 Bus interface chips were a set of custom chips produced by DEC for use in device controllers for the QBUS; some were also used in main memory and CPU cards. Physically, they were 18- and 20-pin DIPs (DC003 - 18; the others are 20).

  • DC003 - Dual-Interrupt Logic (DEC part number 19-12730-00)
  • DC004 - Register Selector (Protocol) Logic (19-12729-00)
  • DC005 - Quad Bus Transceiver (19-13040-00) - includes address matching and interrupt vector transmission
  • DC006 - Word Count/Bus Address Logic (19-14035-00)
  • DC010 - Direct Memory Access Logic (19-14038-00)
  • DC021 - Octal Bus Transceiver (19-19015-00)


The DZV11 technical manual (below) includes detailed descriptions of many of the LSI-11 Bus interface chips in Appendix A, 'IC Descriptions'.

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