Linux 0.99pl9

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The notable thing about this version of Linux is that it was the basis for the m68k Amiga, then Atari ST port of Linux.


Linux/m68k started out as a port of Linux to work only on the Amiga. Hamish Macdonald and Greg Harp released their first version, which they called 0.05, to the public on July 1, 1993. This version was based on Intel Linux 0.99pl9. Soon after that release, several groups of Atari users working independently made the first efforts to adapt the port to that platform. The two ports were merged into one tree starting with 0.9 in July of 1994, with many new features like Ethernet, frame buffer and X Window System support arriving with 0.9pl5 later that year. Further efforts were made to combine some of the advances of the Linux/i386 1.0 and 1.1 series, including ELF support, into the Linux/m68k 0.9 series, culminating in 0.9pl13. Roman Hodek took over maintenance of 0.9 while Hamish started work on catching up with Linux/i386, then approaching the 1.2 release.

From Linux Journal.