MicroVAX Diagnostic Monitor

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MicroVAX Diagnostic Monitor (usually given as the acronym, MDM) is a diagnostic software tool for the DEC series of MicroVAX computers, except for the MicroVAX I, which is covered by VAX Diagnostic Supervisor (VDS) diagnostics.

There are two versions of MDM:

  • Customer Version
  • Field Service Version

The Field Service Version has got some special functions not included in the Customer Version of MDM.

In the beginning MDM was booted from a couple of RX50 floppies.

Later MDM was usually booted from TK50 tape cartridge.

Additionally there was an MDM version bootable over network, called MDMESK (MDM Ethernet Server Kit)

A third version was the "MicroVAX Diagnostic Monitor RA/RD Kit", which is installed locally on the hard drive of the computer to be examined.