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Microsoft Fortran 5.1

Microsoft Fortran has been around for a LONG time.... However before it was sold, the product name was changed to PowerStation FORTRAN, then later sold to DEC at some point, then merged with Compaq, sold to Intel around the time of the HP merger.

But as far as I can trace back, it started as a product for CP/M.

I 'found' version 3.4 available here, although it's possible someone else has an older version.

From the CP/M versions, FORTRAN like all of the rest of Microsoft's languages found their way to the 16 bit IBM PC. From my own usage, popular versions included:

  • 4.0 Huge memory model!
  • 5.1 Support for OS/2, Windows (using QuickWin), and of course MS-DOS.
  • PowerStation Fortran 1.0 with 32bit MS-DOS support
  • PowerStation Fortran 4.0 with proper Windows NT support.