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Mini vMac on Windows 7.

The Mini vMac project continues from the vMac project. The goal was to emulate a Macintosh Plus. The project's home page is here. As the project continues, it now includes Macintosh II emulation.

Host Platforms

  • Mac OS X (Intel & PowerPC)
  • Mac OS 9
  • Mac OS 8
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Linux

Running This

Mac Plus

Simply put vMac is a quick & fast Mac Plus emulator. That being said, it will emulate a 68000 CPU with 4 (yes, FOUR) megabytes of RAM. Now you will need a ROM from a plus Macintosh in order to run this. Assuming you have your ROM in a file called vMac.rom you are almost ready to go! Now you need a copy of the operating system. Luckily Apple has made systems prior to 7.6 free, and you can download them below.

Mac II

Mini vMac MacII

This new version of Mini vMac, will emulate a Mac II with a 68020 and 8MB of ram, and will require a rom file named macII.rom. I've found that System 7 works best, and is available below.

Putting it all together

You will need an operating system. For the Mac Plus, System 6 works great, 7 will run as well, but it's kind of memory intensive for a Mac Plus. For the Mac II you really have no choice but System 7 to run properly.

I’d highly recommend a utility called HFVExplorer. This will let you create a ‘hardfile’ to simulate a hard disk, and allow you to move files you’ve downloaded into your hardfile. You can find a copy here:

Ok with mini vMac, your ROM, a hard disk file & the system 7 boot disk you should have enough to have a booting instance. It should be about that simple.