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Muddle was a LISP-like programming language created in 1971 by/for the Dynamic Modeling group at Project MAC, initally in cooperation with the AI lab. It was later renamed MDL, but the original name has stuck. The language was picked up by ISI researcher Richard Shiffman, and ported to the ISI TENEX computers, and later to TOPS-20.

The most famous Muddle application would be Zork. Muddle was used to bootstrap the CLU programming language developed on the same PDP-10.

A suite of the Muddle 55 interpreter, compiler, assembler, and libraries has been recovered from MIT backup tapes. It's complete enough to rebuilt Zork from source code.

The final version of the original PDP-10 Muddle was 56/106 (ITS/TOPS-20 version numbers), which looks to be an internal development version. A new Machine independent Muddle, or MiM, was developed for TOPS-20, VAX, Apollo, and Apple computers.

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