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NORD-OPS is a mass storage oriented operating system for the NORD-1, NORD-10 and NORD-5 computer systems. The main design objectives for NORD-OPS has been to make a modular, flexible and reliable operating system, which then should make it easy to use and utilize the NORD computers in their different configurations and environments.

To reach these design objectives, it was for several reasons natural to base the operating system on the SINTRAN Monitor System:

  • SINTRAN is an advanced real-time system multi-programming monitor that is especially designed for an easy extension to a general operating system.
  • SINTRAN will presumably make a basis for further development on real-time system for NORD-1, and a duplication of standard software should be avoided.

Thus, NORD-OPS is organized as a set of tasks running under SINTRAN, providing the user with the possibility of batch processing jobs and / or activities in "conversational mode" while they use SINTRAN for real-time applications.