NetBSD 1.2

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NetBSD 1.2 on SIMH

NetBSD 1.2 was released on October 4, 1996.


Significant changes include:

  • Continuing the multi-platform tradition, the integration of the DEC Alpha port has been completed, and new ports to ARM and x68k have been added.
  • NetBSD/sparc now supports 4m machines.
  • NetBSD/amiga now supports the DraCo.
  • Standard C Prototypes have been added to the Kernel.
  • Kernel NTP (Network Time Protocol) phased lock loop support has been added. See for more details.
  • The PINT (PINT is not TWAIN) SCSI scanner driver interface has been integrated. See for more details.
  • A new SCSI medium changer driver and the `chio' program used to operate it has been added.
  • The NFS subsystem now supports NFSv3.
  • Several performance enhancements have been made to the networking subsystem.
  • GCC, Libg++, and many other third party programs have been upgraded to more recent versions.


  • Alpha
  • Amiga
  • Atari
  • HP 9000/300
  • i386
  • mac68k
  • mvme68k
  • PC532
  • MIPS pmax
  • Sparc
  • Sun 3
  • Sharp x68000
  • VAX

how do I get this to run

So far I've just installed NetBSD 1.2 on the SIMH MicroVAX II, the i386 would be another possible emulated platform, but I haven'd done it yet.


NetBSD 1.2 included the following games:

adventure       cfscores        larn            quiz            tetris
arithmetic      chess           mille           rain            trek
atc             cribbage        monop           random          wargames
backgammon      dm              morse           robots          worm
banner          factor          number          rogue           worms
battlestar      fish            phantasia       rot13           wump
bcd             fortune         pig             sail
boggle          hack            pom             snake
caesar          hangman         ppt             snscore
canfield        hide            primes          teachgammon

what runs

I would imagine that NetBSD's 1.2 edition's GCC 2.7.2 could run quite a bit of software.... I just found out that NetBSD 1.2 does *NOT* include curses... so that means no lynx, without first downloading and building ncurses!

So in the interim, this is what I've built: