Olivetti M700-10

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Olivetti M700-10
Olivetti M700-10
Manufacturer: Olivetti
Year Introduced: 1992
Form Factor: Desktop PC
Clock Speed: 50 MHz (100MHz internally)

The Olivetti M700-10 is another MIPS R4000-based board based on the Microsoft in-house JAZZ board. It is very similar to the MIPS Magnum with only minor differences, possibly only the sound controller. It's also possible that only the Magnum has the option to run in big endian as well as little endian mode. The M700-10 definitely supports little endian mode but big endian mode is TBC. Big endian mode is necessary for running RiscOS and the necessary firmware may have been MIPS proprietary and unavailable for the 700-10.



  • MIPS R4000 CPU, 16KB of primary cache, and a clock speed of 50MHz, internally doubled to 100MHz.
  • EISA bus


  • NCR 53C90-based chipset for SCSI (the Magnum is supposed to have the same chipset)


  • SONIC chipset, AUI connector


  • Inmos G364 framebuffer

Other interfaces

  • RS-232 serial port (9-pin), IBM-compatible parallel port.
  • Audio
  • PS/2 keyboard
  • PS/2 mouse

Operating systems

Could also run Linux/MIPS, and probably NetBSD at least.