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Planetfall'ss box
Back of Planetfall's box

"Join the Patrol, and see the Galaxy!" You took the poster's advice, bait and all, and marched right over to the recruitment station near your home on the backwater planet of Gallium. Images of exotic worlds, strange and colourful aliens and Deep Space heroism had danced in your head as you signed the dotted line. And since that day the closest you've come to Deep Space heroism was scrubbing down the radioactive leper colony on Ishmael-3. But suppose that jumbo fortune cookie you got at Qwang's Take-Out Asteroid last shore leave was right. Maybe you will indeed narrowly escape disaster. It's even possible that you'll actually travel to an unknown corner of the Universe, where you'll save a doomed planet- or die in the attempt. In fact, we'll guarantee it - every crumb of it - because that's just the way the cosmic cookie crumbles.

Planetfall is the first in what was going to be a trilogy. The second is Stationfall.


        VERSION   1 2 3 4 5
       20/830708  Y Y Y Y N
       29/840118  N N N Y N
      *37/851003  N N N N N
  (SG) 10/880531  N N N N N

In version 20, pushing the elevator button more than once will make it restart its descent, with no ill effects. In later releases, pressing the button again has no effect. In Version 20, taking the fused bedistor, then dropping it, would make it impossible to pick up again without the pliers, since the game thought it was still fused to the socket. [NZT] In Version 20, the game does not know the word "microbe"! Thus, when the microbe drops in front of you on the relay strip, the command SHOOT MICROBE will not work. I managed to make do with SHOOT MONSTER. I'm not sure what other words will work. -- Graeme Cree In Versions 20 and 29, Floyd will bring you the shiny fromitz board over and over, unless you have already installed it in the socket. In later versions, he tells you that he already did that. [NZT] Ordering Floyd to take an item was interpreted by the game as if the player typed "TAKE FLOYD." [NZT] NOTE: In all four versions, asking Floyd to take something just made him say "Enough talking! Let's play Hider-and-Seeker!" -- GC Reader response I found some bugs in Planetfall, but most of them are a matter of opinion: >look at benches I see nothing special about the benche. I can scrub the scrub brush! >kick me Kicking the you is as worthwhile as cleaning a Grotch cage. >push/kick/turn/get on me pushing the you... Chad Schultz

known versions

  • planetfa-20.z3: Infocom game data (Z-machine 3, Release 20 / Serial 830708)
  • planetfa-26.z3: Infocom game data (Z-machine 3, Release 26 / Serial 831014)
  • planetfa-29.z3: Infocom game data (Z-machine 3, Release 29 / Serial 840118)
  • planetfa-37.z3: Infocom game data (Z-machine 3, Release 37 / Serial 851003)
  • planetfall.dat: Infocom game data (Z-machine 3, Release 37 / Serial 851003)
  • planetfa-10g.z5: Infocom game data (Z-machine 5, Release 10 / Serial 880531)