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Previous is an emulator for the old NeXT Computer, Inc machines namely the:

  • NeXT Computer
  • NeXTcube
  • NeXTstation Turbo
  • NeXTstation Color

From the website:

Previous is a Next computer hardware emulator. It aims to emulate a Next Cube or a Next Station with all its peripheral.

The emulator is not complete yet.

Current status

  • Processor 68030 and 68040 CPUs work, including MMU for both, FPU is platform sensitive and has minor incompleteness
  • Memory All memory + Mono video memory is handled + experimental color display
  • User input Keyboard works, but partially bad key assignment Mouse works, but problems with losing focus
  • DMA works for SCSI, MO, Memory to Memory and partially for Ethernet, with dummy for Sound and SCC
  • SCSI Works
  • SCSI peripherals CDROM and Hdd emulated
  • Cube MO drive works, including real Reed Solomon ECC
  • Timers Real time clock + 2 internal timers handled (known issues for event counter)

Currently Previous can boot up all available versions of NeXTSTEP and OPENSTEP that run on the 68000 platform.

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