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The R215F Expander provides additional mass storage capacity for MicroVAX systems that have a DSSI bus.

Up to three RF-series Integrated Storage Elements (ISEs) can be included in the expander. An ISE is an intelligent storage device that contains its own controller.

R215F DSSI Expander (closed)

Numerous types of DSSI disks can be installed in the R215F expander:

The R215F enclosure is a BA215 enclosure with the card cage removed, and an additional mass storage bay in its place. It has three mass storage bays:

  • Two bays in the top of the cabinet
  • One bay in the middle of the cabinet

Each mass storage bay can hold one ISE.

The R215F uses the PS DSSI connectors; usage of DSSI cables with a right-angle PS connector is highly recommended.

Typical configuration that includes an R215F enclosure and a MicroVAX 3400 in a BA213 enclosure.

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