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Manufacturer: Diablo Systems
Drive Controller(s): RK8E (Omnibus)
Capacity: 1.22 Mbytes (RK02)
2.45 Mbytes (RK03)
Transfer Rate: 22.2 μsec/word (RK02-RK11)
11.1 μsec/word (RK03-RK11)
Average Access Time: 70 msec
Revolutions per Minute: 1500
1/2 Revolution Time: 20 msec
One Track Seek Time: 15 msec
Average Seek Time: 70 msec
Total Surfaces: 2
Tracks per Surface: 203 (nominally 200, plus 3 spares)
Sectors per Track: 16 (RK8E)
12 (RK11)
Words per Sector: 128 (RK02-RK11)
256 (RK03-RK11)
Tracks per Inch: 100
Density: 1100 bpi (RK02)
2200 bpi (RK03)
Recording Method: Double Frequency
Physical Size: 19" W x 10.5" H x 26.0" L
Weight: 43 pounds (basic Diablo drive)

RK03 drives

The RK02 and RK03 were moving-head removable-pack magnetic storage disk drives, sold by DEC, but designed and manufactured by Diablo Systems. They were inspired by the IBM 2315 drive and pack.

The original RK02 (Diablo Model 30) was soon joined by the RK03 (Diablo Model 31), a double-density model which held twice as much data.

The pack contained a platter 14 inches in diameter, coated with iron oxide. Since the disk was hard sectored, platters used in the PDP-8 were physically incompatible with those used in the PDP-11, although the drives themselves were completely identical for both.

They were replaced by the DEC-manufactured RK05, which used the same packs.

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