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Manufacturer: Digital Equipment Corporation
Drive Controller(s): RL11 (UNIBUS)
Capacity: 10.4 Mbytes (formatted)
Transfer Rate: 512 Kbytes/sec
3.9 usec/word (peak)
Average Access Time: 67.5 msec
Revolutions Per Minute: 2400
1/2 Revolution Time: 12.5 msec
One Track Seek Time: 15 msec
Average Seek Time: 55 msec
Maximum Seek Time: 100 msec
Head Switching Time: 8 msec (maximum)
Total Surfaces: 2
Tracks Per Surface: 512
Sectors Per Track: 40
Words Per Sector: 128
Tracks Per Inch: 250
Density: 3725 bpi (maximum)
Recording Method: Modified Frequency Modulation (MFM)
Start Time: 40 seconds
Stop Time: 30 seconds
Physical Size: 19" W x 10-1/2" H x 25" L
Weight: 55 pounds
Power Consumption: 160VA (running); 550 VA (starting, 10 seconds)
An RL02 drive

The RL02 is the high-density version of the RL01 disk drive, with twice as many tracks per surface, introduced in 1978 by DEC.

The QBUS controllers are the RLV11 and RLV12, the latter being the Q22 version.

4.3 BSD disktab

rb02|RB02|DEC RL02 on 730 IDC:\

Emulating the RL02

An RL02 cartridge

Reinhard Heuberger has created an open source emulator for the RL02 (and RL01) using a Terasic DE0-Nano Altera Cyclone IV FPGA board, extended with necessary interfacing hardware and an SD card slot. The emulator can be used with a real PDP-11, for example.

* Home page of project
* Picture of the simulator connected to a PDP-11/53