RP01 disk drive

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Manufacturer: Memorex (basic drive), Digital Equipment Corporation (electronics)
Drive Controller(s): RP10 (PDP-10)
Capacity: 5.6 Mbytes (formatted)
Transfer Rate: 30 usec/36-bit word
Average Access Time: 62.5 msec
Revolutions per Minute: 2400
1/2 Revolution Time: 12.5 msec
One Track Seek Time: 20 msec
Average Seek Time: 50 msec
Maximum Seek Time: 80 msec
Total Surfaces: 10 (11 platters)
Tracks per Surface: 203 (nominally 200 plus 3 spares)
Sectors per Track: 5
Words per Sector: 128 32-bit
Physical Size: 30" W x 38" H x 24" L
Weight: 295 pounds
Power Consumption: 1250 VA (running); 5200 VA (starting)

The RP01 was the predecessor to the later RP02 multi-platter large disk drive.

The actual drive was produced by Memorex - a model 630-1 - and OEM'd by DEC, who added interface electronics.

A maximum of 8 drives were supported per controller.