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Syncterm is a portable terminal emulator that is popular for BBS users. It supports various ANSI protocols, has support for X,Y,Zmodem transfers, and it can connect via telnet, ssh, rsh & direct serial line connections.

Information from the homepage

SyncTERM is a BBS terminal program which supports: 
Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, Linux, OpenBSD, NetBSD, OS X , and FreeBSD 
X/Y/ZModem up/downloads 
Runs in full-screen mode on ALL platforms (ALT-Enter switches modes) 
*nix versions will run using SDL, X11, or using curses 
Full ANSI-BBS support 
Full CGTerm Commodore 64 PETSCII support 
Full Atari 8-bit ATASCII support 
DoorWay support 
Support for IBM low and high ASCII including the face graphics (☺ and ☻) and card symbols (♥, ♦, ♣, and ♠) which so many other 
terms have problems with (may not work in curses mode... depends on the terminal being used). 
Phone books 
Multiple screen modes (80x25, 80x28, 80x43, 80x50, 80x60, 132x25, 132x28, 132x30, 132x34, 132x43, 132x50, 132x60) 
ANSI Music (through the sound card if installed) 
Telnet, RLogin, SSH, RAW, modem, and direct serial connections 
Auto-login with Synchronet RLogin 
Large Scrollback 
Mouse-driven menus 
Supports character pacing for ANSI animation as well as the VT500 ESC[*r sequence to allow dynamic speed changes 
Comes with 37 standard fonts and allows the BBS to change the current font *and* upload custom fonts. This tool will allow you to 
create fonts for use with SyncTERM. 
Supports Operation Overkill ][ Terminal emulation 


You can download the win32 i386 installer version directly here.
All other downloads are from the homepage

Home page

The home page is located here