TSV05 Tape Transport Subsystem

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Manufacturer: DEC (vendor)
Cipher (contractor)
Drive Controller(s): M7196 QBUS / M7455 UNIBUS (or other Pertec controllers certified for the TS05)
Interface Type: Pertec tape interface
Media: standard half-inch tape, 2400 ft. maximum
Tape density: 1600 bpi
Tape speed: 25 or 100 inch/sec (streaming)

The TSV05 Tape Transport Subsystem was a compact magnetic tape mass storage system for PDP-11 and low-end VAX systems, which used industry-standard 9-track tape. It used microprocessor-controlled electronics in both the drive and controller for maintainability (including built-in diagnostics) and high data reliability.

The TSV05 Subsystem consists of the TS05 Tape Transport, and either the TSV05 controller (QBUS - M7196) TSU05 controller (UNIBUS - M7455) interface module, which plugs into a backplane in the host computer, and uses DMA to transfer data. The drive and controller communicate over the Pertec tape interface.

Further reading

  • TSV05 Subsystem Technical Manual (EK-TSV05-TM) - not online
  • TSV05 Field Print Set (MP-01157)

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