TU60 DECasetteTape Transport

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TU60 drive
Manufacturer: DEC
Drive Controller(s): TA11
Media: cassette (custom oxide coating)
Tape density: 562 bytes/second (density varies with speed; 350 bpi to 700 bpi)
Tape speed: 6 ips (read/write, at tape start)
12 ips (tape end)
22 ips (search)
100-150 ips (rewind)
Size: 5-1/4"H x 18-1/4"D x 19"W
Weight: 32 lbs

The TU60 DECasette Tape Transport magnetic tape drive was intended to replace paper tapes. The media is physically identical to the one used with audio cassettes, with tape 0.15" wide, but it uses a different metal-oxide coating.

A cassette can hold at least 93KB; data on the cassette is protected by a CRC. A TU60 unit contained two drives, each with associated control electronics; both could move at the same time, but only one can read or write at a time.

In addition to the two drives, the unit contains two hex boards, the M7760 and M7761, along with an H751 power supply.

Only one device controller for it was ever produced, the TA11 Magnetic Tape Cassette controller on the UNIBUS.

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