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Canonical name

For the 11/35 (OEM) and 11/40 (end user), we seem to normally call them the '11/40' (and DEC seems to prefer the '40' in manual ID's, even when the title references both - EK-11040-TM-002 is the "PDP-11/40, -11/35 system manual", with the /40 mentioned first).

However, we have generally been calling the 11/05 (OEM) and 11/10 (end user) pair the '11/05's; again, following DEC's lead (since that's what's on many of the extant drawings, manuals, etc - e.g. DEC-11-H05SS-B-D is the "PDP-11/05-S, PDP-11/10-S system manual", with the /05 mentioned first).

With the /35 being the OEM machine, and the /40 end user one, we (and DEC) seem to have picked the OEM variant in one as the 'canonical' model, and in the other, the end-user variant.

Jnc (talk) 20:03, 24 February 2016 (CET)