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This template is for any computer system in general

name                =  name of of the computer
image               =  image
caption             =
manufacturer        =    
architecture        =  if part of a larger architecture (Like, say, as the PDP-11/40 is to the PDP-11), write that here
year announced      = 
year design started = 
year first shipped  = 
year introduced     = 
year discontinued   = 
form factor         =  mini, micro, etc.
word size           =  word size of the machine (Apple II = 8, PDP-8 = 12, etc.)
physical address    =  size of the physical address space
virtual address     =  size of the virtual address space
logic type          =  TTL, ECL, CMOS, etc
design type         =  microcoded, etc.
uword width         =  if microcoded
ucode length        =  max number of uinsts
clock speed         =  Either CPU cycle time in ns/µs/etc, or in MHz. (Preferably MHz!)
cache size          =  in words or bytes (specify units)
cache speed         =
ram                 =  for microcomputers mostly
memory speed        =
graphics            =  again for microcomputers
cpu                 =  
bus arch            =  I/O buses
memory mgmt         =  paging, none, etc.
operating system    =
predecessor         =
successor           =
price               =