Windows NT 3.1 July 1992 beta

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Windows NT July 1992 Win32 PDC CD
The July 1992 CD
Creator: Microsoft
Architecture: i386 mips
Date Released: 1992

Wikipedia mentions that this release was about 5,000 developers in attendance at the Professional Developers Conference. It was also known as the Win32 Professional Developers Conference. It was the first large scale demonstration of Win32, and the first mention of Chicago.

In this release the OS/2 subsystem, along with NTVDM are included.

The UI is looking more like the final product, it certainly feels more like Windows NT, then Windows 3.0 running on NT.


Windows NT still relies on the dos2nt method. On Qemu it's best to load the IDE cdrom driver for MS-DOS, then mount the cdrom, then run the dos2nt.bat file. I've tested this with MS-DOS 5 & MS-DOS 6.22. I had to fix the c:\boot.ini and change the OS from c:\nt to c:\winnt. This must be a newer change.

Next be sure to edit the c:\winnt\registry.ini and fix up the sections for the username, computer name. I've had MAJOR issues with this version of NT picking up the registry correctly, and for program manager finding it's groups.


Microsoft (R) C Optimizing Compiler Version 0.00.017
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corp 1984-1992. All rights reserved.


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