This is my domain, named in tribute to the advertisements for the fictional "Apple Gunkies" - the breakfast cereal with superior tensile strength - that ran on the MIT student radio, WTBS. There's a number of different services on this domain.

Please note: after a fairly long inactivity I've decided to start putting some content into this page again, so let me be real old skool and put this here...

some of that old skool flavor
that's me!

Photo gallery

I'm an avid photographer. Some of the events I've attended and so on are available through my photo gallery, though most of the time nowadays I use Flickr and so some stuff can be found on my Flickr profile.

Computer History Wiki

Being a great fan of the wiki model of collaboration, a while ago I struck upon the idea of creating a wiki site for computer history information. This is meant to supplement and augment Wikipedia, not to compete. I hope to get information that would not be suitable for the Wikipedia format - folklore, stories, tips and tricks, tutorials/guides, et cetera. Here it is, it's steadily gaining interesting content.


In my dwindling supply of idle moments, I write things down, in my blog.