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DATE(1) UNIX Programmer's Manual DATE(1)


    date - print and set the date


    date [ yymmddhhmm [ .ss ] ]


    If no argument is given, the current date and time are
    printed.  If an argument is given, the current date is set.
    _y_y is the last two digits of the year; the first _m_m is the
    month number; _d_d is the day number in the month; _h_h is the
    hour number (24 hour system); the second _m_m is the minute
    number; ._s_s is optional and is the seconds.  For example:
         date 10080045
    sets the date to Oct 8, 12:45 AM.  The year, month and day
    may be omitted, the current values being the defaults.  The
    system operates in GMT.  _D_a_t_e takes care of the conversion
    to and from local standard and daylight time.


    /usr/adm/wtmp to record time-setting




    `No permission' if you aren't the super-user and you try to
    change the date; `bad conversion' if the date set is syntac-
    tically incorrect.