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The Computer History Wiki ('CHWiki', for short) is a wiki which is intended to be a central respository for information about 'older' computers. It runs on MediaWiki, the same software base as Wikipedia (and many other wikis), so should be easy to use.

'Older' is of course in the eye of the beholder (to some of us, Linux is new-fangled :-), but in general the concept is to provide information to:

  • people collecting, maintaining and restoring old computers
  • people who want to experience older computer environments via simulators running older operating systems
  • people who are looking for more detailed information about an older computing resource

Contributors include both older people who actually worked with these machines 'back in the day', and younger people who are interested in contributing content (and are perhaps involved in other ways, e.g. working with an older machine, or helping with a simulator, etc).

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