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LN(1) UNIX Programmer's Manual LN(1)


    ln  -  make a link


    ln name1 [ name2 ]


    A link is a directory entry referring to a file; the same
    file (together with its size, all its protection informa-
    tion, etc.) may have several links to it.  There is no way
    to distinguish a link to a file from its original directory
    entry; any changes in the file are effective independently
    of the name by which the file is known.
    _L_n creates a link to an existing file _n_a_m_e_1.  If _n_a_m_e_2 is
    given, the link has that name; otherwise it is placed in the
    current directory and its name is the last component of
    It is forbidden to link to a directory or to link across
    file systems.