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LPR(1) UNIX Programmer's Manual LPR(1)


    lpr, vpr - line printer spooler


    lpr [ option ] ... [ file ] ...
    vpr [ -b banner ] [ file ] ...


    _L_p_r causes the _f_i_l_e_s to be queued for printing on a line
    printer.  If no files are named, the standard input is read.
    The following options are available:
    -r   Remove the file when it has been queued.
    -c   Copy the file to insulate against changes that may hap-
         pen before printing.
    -m   Report by _m_a_i_l(1) when printing is complete.
    -n   Do not report by mail.  This is the default option.
    _V_p_r is the program used by _l_p_r when the online printer is a
    Versatec machine to insert an identifying _b_a_n_n_e_r before the
    output, strip overstrikes, and, where possible, remove blank
    lines to make 66-line pages fit on 64 lines.


    /usr/lpd/* spool area
    /usr/bin/vpr for Versatec printer.


    opr(1), lpd(8)