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NM(1) UNIX Programmer's Manual NM(1)


    nm  -  print name list


    nm [ -gnopru ] [ file ... ]


    _N_m prints the name list (symbol table) of each object _f_i_l_e
    in the argument list.  If an argument is an archive, a list-
    ing for each object file in the archive will be produced.
    If no _f_i_l_e is given, the symbols in `a.out' are listed.
    Each symbol name is preceded by its value (blanks if unde-
    fined) and one of the letters U (undefined), A (absolute), T
    (text segment symbol), D (data segment symbol), B (bss seg-
    ment symbol), or C (common symbol).  If the symbol is local
    (non-external) the type letter is in lower case.  The output
    is sorted alphabetically.
    Options are:
    -g   Print only global (external) symbols.
    -n   Sort numerically rather than alphabetically.
    -o   Prepend file or archive element name to each output
         line rather than only once.
    -p   Don't sort; print in symbol-table order.
    -r   Sort in reverse order.
    -u   Print only undefined symbols.


    ar(1), ar(5), a.out(5)