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PASSWD(1) UNIX Programmer's Manual PASSWD(1)


    passwd - change login password


    passwd [ name ]


    This command changes (or installs) a password associated
    with the user _n_a_m_e (your own name by default).
    The program prompts for the old password and then for the
    new one.  The caller must supply both.  The new password
    must be typed twice, to forestall mistakes.
    New passwords must be at least four characters long if they
    use a sufficiently rich alphabet and at least six characters
    long if monocase.  These rules are relaxed if you are
    insistent enough.
    Only the owner of the name or the super-user may change a
    password; the owner must prove he knows the old password.




    login(1), passwd(5), crypt(3)
    Robert Morris and Ken Thompson, _U_N_I_X _p_a_s_s_w_o_r_d _s_e_c_u_r_i_t_y